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Simple Steps to Maintaining a Log Home

Log home owners often talk about how much work log homes are to keep up. My answer to this is, it doesn’t have to be. When a log home is set up properly it should be fairly simple. You also have options. We offer a maintenance service and I encourage…

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Is Your Stain Really Doing it’s Job?

Wood finishes should be doing quite a bit these days. They determine the color of the home and protect the wood’s surface from conditions like moisture and high altitude sunlight. The finish needs to protect the wood from U.V. rays, repel moisture, and breathe so that if moisture does enter,…

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Choosing a Stain or Finish for Your Logs

People often come to me, asking what is the longest lasting best performing stain out there? Unfortunately, there is no golden product out there that will “last forever”. I usually answer with, “The best performing stain is a maintained one.” Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance. There are absolutely better performing stains than…

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