Abrasive Blasting in Bozeman, Missoula & Flathead County, MT

The BTI Log Home Care Process begins with preparation. Pressurized blasting helps to strip your logs of old stain and materials, while log washing ensures that the pores of the wood are ready for the next stages of care.

In our many years of blasting with Blasting Technologies we have stripped countless logs, cedar shakes, and wood siding and have perfected this process. We typically choose crushed glass (recycled glass) or crushed walnut shells. Many of our competitors use sand, corn, or baking soda; but we have found too many negative aspects with all these materials. Corn is too dirty. It is also very porous and if it is left in cracks or checks, it will retain water which can later lead to mold, mildew, and rot. Sand is too harmful to breathe and much too aggressive on the wood. Baking soda is incredibly messy and because of its high PH level can leech out later, creating reactions with the stain or water, thereby staining your logs.

We've also found that in most cases you do not need a lot of air pressure. It is more important that it is even and constant. Your blaster should know how to blast to avoid placing permanent markings in the logs and create blotchy looking logs. If the blaster is not qualified he can do serious damage to the property.

Our equipment is very big part of maintaining quality. We use blasting pots that are designed for this kind of work, whereas most others are using cheap, retired sand blasting and corn blasting hoppers. The difference is in the machining and adjustments. We adjust for media flow, air pressure, tip size, and air temp allowing us to control the amount of abrasive we use (less mess) and to be sure it strips the material efficiently while avoiding damage to the log surface. Our larger compressors are specifically designed for this type of blasting. It allows us to run two nozzles at a time, cutting down on blast time. This is important to us and the home owner as this is the most intrusive, loud, and messiest part of the restoration. Abrasive blasting, when done properly and with the right crew, should be the quickest step in the restoration process.

Important things to know about abrasive blasting

Important things to know about abrasive blasting

We do not allow children or pets to be in the area and suggest that adults are not in the area as we are performing this task. It is loud, and there are air-born particles. With finished lawns we tarp to try to capture the majority of the dust and abrasive material, but there is always some that will get through. We blow everything off thoroughly at the end of the job. It's also important to note that log homes are usually not completely air tight, especially before we have completed our restoration. It's possible that dust will find its way in through checks, corners, windows, and seams. We work with cleaning companies in many cases to follow behind us and make sure everything is cleaned up on the interior. If this issue is of concern to you please advise us so that we can properly schedule this service and add it to any estimates.