Borate Treatment in Bozeman, Missoula & Flathead County, MT

Borate provides the ultimate protection against insects and wood rot for your home. It comes in several different forms: powders that must be mixed with water, ready to use liquids, concentrates, and in rods that can actually be installed in the logs or in problematic areas. In its liquid state borate is applied to bare logs with a brush or by spray. Once in the wood, it kills insects that eat wood such as wood boring beetles and termites. It also kills fungi that are responsible for rot and decay. It basically makes the wood toxic to wood destroying organisms. The solution is odorless and colorless and has a very low level of toxicity to people and pets.

Once applied it is basically permanent as long as the exterior is properly protected with the proper stains and sealants.

Rods of borate can be injected into the logs at problem areas of rot or decay that have already been finished with stains. Once inserted into the damp or wet wood the rod's active ingredients dissolve into the area surrounding the rod to prevent decay and rot. These rods can also be placed on either side of problem areas to prevent spread of decay.

When using borate solutions or rods we do not typically apply them to the entire home, unless specified by the home owner. We prefer to instead apply it to the lower logs, where snow sits or rain hits, as well log ends and corners. We're always on the lookout for the areas most prone to be affected by the elements. Borate is a very cost effective way to ensure your home is protected against log rot, insects and decay.