Log Washing Services in Bozeman, Missoula & all of Montana

Log washing is either performed as part of the log restoration process - to remove any blasting dust and debris, or as part of a maintenance program - to protect the finish from dust, pollen, dirt and surface mold.

As an initial step in the restoration process our goal is to ensure your stain is being applied to the cleanest logs possible. You never want any dust, dirt or any other matter between your logs and the finish, since over time it will result in premature product failure. Once the logs have had sufficient time to dry we will move on to staining the logs.

As part of a maintenance routine, log washing keeps your finish and exterior logs clean and free of dust, pollen, dirt, and surface mold. Left unchecked, all of these will clog the stain's pores preventing the finish from breathing and performing the way it should. Unwashed, finished logs have a dull appearance because the stain loses its reflective properties increasing the amount of U.V. damage the log sustains. By simply log washing your exterior you can expect 20% to 30% longer lasting finishes.

The process of log washing is quite simple. We wet down the logs then apply a specialized liquid detergent to lift the dust, pollen, mold and other allergens away from the logs. We then rinse the logs thoroughly and repeat until the logs are clean. When log washing is done as part of a quality maintenance routine, one wash and rinse cycle is often sufficient. When rinsing we will usually use a hose but depending on your finish we may use a pressure washer on a light setting with a fan tip.