Maintenance your Log Home in Bozeman, Missoula & all of Montana

Far and away, the question we field most often is, "What is the longest lasting finish I can put on my logs?". Our answer is always, "A maintained one!" There are many products available for log exteriors but only a handful that will go the distance. However, like all finishes, they must be maintained.

Log homes do not have to be a pain in rear. They can be something we enjoy taking care of and a source of pride year after year. The reason that we rarely see log homes with exteriors that look as good as they could is that they suffer from one problem, neglect. BTI Log Home Care is here to help you. Once you've completed a proper finishing or restoration, we are happy to consult, offer advice or show you just how easy it can be to establish an effective maintenance routine.

With simple training, a log home's exterior can be maintained by the home owner. Many of our clients prefer to leave the annual or bi-annual maintenance to BTI Log Home Care. When contracting with us, we perform annual check ups, advise you of any problem areas, and perform log washes, top coats, caulking or any other services to ensure the finish and logs are protected as best they can be. When you keep ahead of problems on a regular basis, this usually just involves an annual log wash.

Log maintenance is very similar to maintaining a car. Changing the oil and performing routine fixes will save you a fortune over the life of the vehicle. If you neglect the necessary steps it can result in an untimely breakdown and added cost.

Once a home is set up properly, maintenance is really simple and low cost, especially compared to log rot, failing finishes, warping logs, and continued restorations. Let us help you ensure your home - your investment - is taken care of.