Staining and Finishes in Bozeman, Missoula & all of Montana

For log home owners of the past this was the only topic when it came to protecting your logs. Heated discussions formed around what each person thought was the best, longest lasting, and deepest penetrating stain on the market. Understanding how stains and finishes battle their three enemies - sun, moisture and insects is the key to knowing that when it comes to protecting log exteriors there is much more to it than just the type of stain used.

In addition to sun, moisture, and insects, there is a fourth enemy that plays a big role in the longevity and performance of your stain or finish - neglect. Selecting a product that is right for your home is important. You truly get what you pay for with stains and finishes, and I suggest going with one of the top performing products in the marketplace. In fact, you will not catch us putting anything else on our homes.

Once applied properly, these products look terrific, last well, and provide a solid foundation for for easy maintenance and upkeep throughout the years. Combined with a quality maintenance routine we've found that these high-end finishes actually help the homeowner save money compared to reapplying a lesser quality stain multiple times.

That said, no matter how great your stain is, it will not work if the logs are not prepared properly. The BTI Log Home Care process has been specifically engineered to ensure that by the time we apply finish to your home's exterior, it is clean as a whistle and ready for the chosen stain or finish product.

As we begin the application process we'll keep an eye on mother nature. It's important to avoid applying stain to logs that are too hot, too cold, or have high moisture content. It's important that your chosen contractor and applicators understand these factors to properly protect your investment. This is one of those times that going with the cheapest bid, thinking you're getting the same service, can really come to haunt homeowners.

As an additional protection, BTI Log Home Care records weather, application rates, batch numbers of product, time of year and other factors that will help enforce a product's warranty. These notes, as well as accurate maintenance records are kept with your client file and are available at any time in the future.