Wash Your Car, Brush Your Teeth and Maintain Your Log Home

Our services are typically more expensive than hiring someone to come out and slap on a coat of stain. We have several steps and procedures that have proved their value and purpose over and over. I often wonder why people choose to go cheap on the process of finishing their log home — the finish, sealants, and applicators are protecting your home, it’s structural integrity and appearance. You can never get logs back to where they were without a expensive replacement. It should be very important for a home owner to preserve them in the best possible condition.

Log homes are like your favorite car

Logs on a home are a lot like your favorite car and it’s engine. You have to maintain the car. Fill fluids, change fluids, wash the exterior, and replace things that are wearing out otherwise your engine will blow or your car will fall apart around you. You (and your mechanic) know that a car in this condition is very expensive to restore. It would have been cheaper to just keep up on the maintenance and have a great running and great looking car.

Log homes are like your teeth

This is much the same analogy as the car. If you don’t take care of your teeth by brushing and flossing daily it’s going to get very costly. Once it gets bad you get cavities and the pain that goes along with them. If you don’t fix the cavities it gets worse and your teeth rot. You can’t ever get your original teeth back. Like logs, once they’ve deteriorated then that’s what you have. It gets costly and the problems begin to compound.

Think of the last outdoor barbecue you went to

People put hours and a lot of money into their grass and landscaping so it does not burn up, die, overgrow and look sloppy. It’s a point of pride, something they can show their friends and family and build memories around. But, unlike your yard, a log home doesn’t require weekly maintenance. Why wouldn’t you put a fraction of the effort and cost into your exterior of your home? Don’t let it get away from you! With minimal effort you are able to stay on top of log home maintenance. It’s a great feeling! While these analogies might seem a bit trite, and I’m sure there are many others that you could think of, it boils down to importance of doing it the right way. Not a single person amongst us would skip out on simple automotive maintenance, dental hygiene or mowing the lawn. When we take this perspective and apply it to log home ownership, it helps to illustrate that the initial investment of doing it well the first time trumps the long term cost and effort of “cheaping out”. I just want our clients to understand the importance of our services. At the end of the day you need to see it for yourself. We are happy to consult with the do-it-yourselfers who want to learn more about maintaining their investment, or to meet with you to inspect your log home and provide a few simple tips to get you headed in the right direction. Just give us a call!